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To effectively control the nuisance and damage of flying insects, Mace provides the latest technology and model of Air Curtains & Electrical Fly Killers (EFKs) from the Italian company (ORMA Technologies). It is available in several shapes according to the nature of the site's work. These advanced traps meet the international quality standards (ISO) and (HACCP) for use in Food and Health Facilities.

Flies’ species and the ever-present house flies are attracted to food odours from kitchens and food preparation areas. With an easy supply of food and warm conditions flies breed rapidly. They can pick up and transport contaminated filth on their bodies spreading pathogens such as Salmonella, Cryptosporidium and E. coli quickly contaminating clean surfaces, foodstuff, and sterile areas. Mace's innovative MO-STICK Fly Control units use LED technology to eliminate flies and protect your business effectively and efficiently. Our ITALY MOEL LED range catches flies faster than other LED ILTs (Light traps), has 90% greater reach than traditional fly traps, can offer energy savings.

No matter the size of your business, or how many locations you have, there is a MOEL LED insect light trap that will suit your requirements. From the MO-STICK or CRI-CRI designed for customer-facing locations to ISO Standards, the MO-STICK tailored to protect food preparation, storage and processing areas and our CRI Suspended ceiling unit, designed to give multi-directional flying insect control for high-dependency, high-risk locations that need cover over a large area, we have a fly control solution to protect your business.

It is also recommended for use in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, and industrial environments to control flies and mosquitoes.

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