About Us

Since its inception in 1985, Mace Environmental Services was the first national entity specialized in providing public and environmental health services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Including Pest Management, Food Safety, Disinfection and Fumigation. Mace excelled over the years in providing its services to different commercial industries and residential sectors all over the Kingdom. Furthermore, Mace was one of the first companies which obtained the local and International licenses and accreditations, as well as receiving support from the official Environment Health bodies around the Kingdom to provide environmental health services.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mace strives to provide professional solutions and conclude customized service agreements to meet customer needs and maintain the safety of their environment. Through a professional team with a high degree of training and dedication to customer service.

At Mace we work consistently with our clients to deliver state of the art pest management, disinfection, and disinfection services to help maintain a safe environment for all. As pioneers in the environmental services industry in the region, Mace is always developing administrative, environmental solutions and pest & germ control technology to keep pace with the needs of our clients, while preserving our firm values of moderation, reliability, quality, and a great customer experience.

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