Food Health & Safety (Supporting & Qualifying)

Infestation with pests or microorganisms carried on the bodies or parts of pests in food processing (Manufacturing - Retails - catering) can lead to contamination or the occurrence of poisoning cases, thus exposing your product and reputation of your facility to danger where special precautions must be taken to avoid that of the treatments taken to reduce pollution or any of its materials represent a threat to food safety.

To better control this while respecting the sensitive environmental needs of food factories and facilities, Mace provides you with the following services:

  • Sterilization of exposed surfaces and equipment used (SSE)
  • Qualifying the facility to pass all internal and external audits within the foundations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • An effective partnership with the food facilities to adopt the hazard analysis & critical control points for early prediction and risk reduction (HACCP)
  • Providing the concerned party with a documented program to ensure food safety, that contains preventive measures. Cooperation with the facility’s management must include several items that are reviewed regularly. (QMP)
  • Provide consultancy and training for facility employees on good manufacturing practices (GMP®) and applying HACCP conditions for food safety (HACCP, ISO22000 and BRC GLOBAL STANDARDS.

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